89.I visited Wat Sanghathan

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I visited Wat Sanghathan in Nonthaburi for a tour and conversation with Phra Frank Gavesako while in Bangkok. Since 1979 the abbot of Wat Sanghathan, Luang Por Sanong Katapunyo, and student of meditation master, Venerable Acharn Sangwahn Khemmako, revived this abandoned temple outside of Bangkok. Now it is thriving with many mae chiis and lay people participating in the rigorous meditation schedule. There are few foreigners who come here but for those who do, they will receive an interesting experience in Thai Buddhism and instruction from Phra Frank.. 

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I am a scholar of Buddhist studies and an enthusiastic practitioner of meditaiton. I am a Ph.D. candidate in Asian Religions focusing on modern Buddhism in Thailand. I am also interested in Buddhism in the West and the interactions between Western and Asian Buddhists throughout history. I research the interchange between these two groups, and how their interpretations of Buddhism, show how Buddhism and certain practices, such as meditation, serve as a vital link between Thailand and the international community. This is my academic and personal interest. I blog about experiences during meditation as well as thoughts about Buddhism in America.

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